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After meeting a few of my own challenges, then working for several years in a local gym, it was a natural transition into holistic health. I studied and received my Bachelors in Holistic Health and was awarded certificates in Nutrition, Master Herbalist, and also became a certified Wellness Coach. I've spent much time teaching people how to shop wisely on a budget, and how to incorporate a series of small changes that make an impact on their overall wellness. Holistic Health is about addressing each person as a unique individual with individual needs, mind, body, and spirit. However, the thrust of Holistic Health is prevention!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Are Gummy Vitamins Good Or Bad??

  The short answer is that they're bad.... As tasty and convenient as they are, they're not good for your teeth. The sticky sugar substance lingers on your teeth and the sugar provides a buffet for bacteria to feed on. The ascorbic acid (vitamin C) lingers on the teeth as well and that acid can eat away at the tooth enamel.
  Adult multi vitamins are now sold in the gummy form and as long as adults are diligent about immediately running for their toothbrush as soon as they finish chewing the tasty yummy gummy, then there won't be as big an issue.
  Often we give the gummy vitamins to children and brushing thoroughly immediately afterwards becomes a problem, especially considering it's their formative time. Mary Hayes, a pediatric dentist and also the spokeswoman for the American Dental Association says, "I will see children who have been cavity-free, and then they start eating these gummy vitamins, and boom, they have cavities within three months to a year."
  Children and adults alike may have a difficult time taking vitamins in pill or capsule form. Some people have a difficult time swallowing pills, don't like the taste or have an underlying medical condition that makes it difficult, but there are other options that are much better and far superior for getting good delivery and better absorption than the gummy. I particularly like a liquid vitamin that is made from whole foods, vegan, gluten free, and contains all the vitamins and supplements in one single dose that tastes good (about a shot glass)
  There are many different brands of the liquid vitamin on the market and sugar free varieties as well. I highly recommend this option for finicky children, adults that don't like pills, persons that have had lap-band or gastric bypass surgeries, colostomy surgery etc...
  No Gummy Vitamins!!!!

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  1. Another issue at least with the children gummy vitamins (I haven't compared adult gummy vitamins.) When my son was a few years younger he went through a long illness and started to get a little anemic. The doctor wanted me to start giving him a multi-vitamin that contained iron, before it got worse. So I headed to the store. Of course his choice was a gummy vitamin. But I wanted to make sure I bought one that had a good amount of Iron in it. However not a single brand of gummy vitamins had any Iron. All the regular children's chewable (non-gummy) vitamins had at least some amount of Iron. I recall there were a few other items the gummy varieties did not contain. But since my main concern was the Iron I don't recall the others. I assume this is because some substances such as iron cannot be put in gummy form. Parents and even adults considering gummy vitamins should be aware of this. Especially if they are being told by their doctor to start a multi-vitamin because someone is low on specific vitamins or minerals. They may not be getting any of what they need the most. Many people assume most multi-vitamins are the same. Before this I had assumed all children's multi-vitamins would be pretty much the same. But even in the non-gummy variety I found the store brand contained nearly twice the amount of iron as the popular national brands. If the doctor hadn't told me to make sure I chose one that a good amount of iron, I may have not checked at all. I would have grabbed the gummy vitamins my son asked for and he wouldn't have gotten what he needed most at that time!